Introducing Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants

Our Mission

ASIA PACIFIC AEROSPACE CONSULTANTS (APAC) was formed by space industry professionals to support space business in the Asia Pacific region. We provide a wide range of skills and expertise to assist our clients to develop and grow profitable business within the space industry or using space based technologies. We are proud of our involvement in the space industry and share that pride with our clients in the form of commitment, shared expertise, and attention to detail. We know the space industry, and ensure that our knowledge translates to the highest quality for every client.

Company History

APAC was founded in 1994 by Dr Bruce Middleton, former head of the Australian Space Office. Since then the company has developed a wide network of contacts in all sectors of the space industry in Asia, Europe and the USA. We actively maintain that network. We believe that an ongoing relationship, which is part of the business culture of Asia, offers more value to our clients.

APAC has directly and indirectly played significant roles in the development of legislation governing space related launch operations and other aspects of commercial space operations. APAC also plays a lead role in the development and hosting of space related conferences that are designed to develop the space industry in the Asia Pacific region.

We do not limit ourselves to just consulting to our clients.

Instead our commitment extends to playing an active role in the development of space in this region and around the world.

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